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Klaus Heuer

Segeltörn von Las Palmas nach Curacao auf der Staatsrad Lehmkuhl vom 03.10. - 04.11.2021

Dieser Segeltörn ist Teil der „One Ocean Expedition“ der Staatsrad Lehmkuhl die vom 20.08.21-April 2023 dauert. Aus dem Ankündigungstext:

„We are setting sails for the One Ocean Expedition on the 20th August 2021:

The fleet and the ports are adjusting all the time, and the future is getting brighter for arrivals and departure, and for crew change in ports. This means we will continue as planned to set sail from Arendal on 20th August, 2021 only to return in April 2023 having sailed 55 000 nautical miles and visited 36 ports worldwide.

The main goal of the One Ocean Expedition is "to create attention and share knowledge about the ocean´s crucial role for a sustainable future in a global perspective". The expedition is a recognized part of the UN Decade and the ship will serve as a powerful tool for outreach, inspiration and engagement for the ocean.

One Ocean Expedition has become much bigger then the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl itself. The ship is equipped with modern instrumentation and will collect high quality data of ocean physics, chemistry and biology continuously throughout the journey. It will also serve as a floating university bringing crews of students and young leaders together at different legs. High level meetings and public (or digital) events will happen during port visits. Real time access to data, video and TV from the ship throughout the voyage will serve to inspire and engage scientists, but also citizens for ocean-based action towards sustainable development worldwide. The whole expedition will be followed online and different aspects of the expedition will be used on shore for exhibitions, schools, universities and partners all over the globe.

When the ship returns to Bergen on 15th April 2023, it will start the One Ocean Week - a week with several conferences, workshops and activities, all focusing on the ocean we need for the future we want.

Summarized: Due to the challenging times the world is facing, it has never been more important that we fulfil the commitment of performing the One Ocean Expedition, on behalf of the ocean, on behalf of our future. We hope you will follow us, either on board or ashore.

Fair winds and following seas from the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl and from all the dedicated partners of One Ocean Expedition.“